Oculus Rift support for 3D Game-Maker games

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Source code

This application is open-sourced. People worked on it on a voluntarily. Its not top-notch, but its a hobby project, and it works. Check out the pages on GitHub to edit / view / fork the source.

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Current version (0.22 - unstable)

  • WARNING: This is an early beta version. We do not recommend you use this in your game yet!
  • Custom Oculus Rift DLL
  • Fetching yaw, pitch and roll from the Oculus with little latency
  • Well-documented
  • Ready-to-use functions
  • Switch between camera modes in an instant
  • Small demo-level (with 3D sound!)
  • Stereoscopic display
  • Oculus-style display shaders (to counter the pincushion effect of the lenses)
  • Almost completely customizable

Version updates

  • August 26th 2013 (v 0.22)
    • Fixed some IPD and fullscreen / resolution issues, added new models and an overall better experience.
  • August 20th 2013 (v 0.21)
    • Some small bugfixes. See changelog for more info.
  • August 19th 2013 (v 0.2)
    • Sweet! A complete refactor. Fixed some nasty code and generally cleaned up. Switching between oculus and regular camera modes are also possible by now.

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